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Arndrea Waters King


Arndrea Waters King has dedicated herself to serving humanity as a passionate leader in the global fight against inequity, injustice, hate crimes, and all forms of pain. Throughout her life, Arndrea has consistently worked on behalf of those who have been marginalized by helping them find — and collectively use — their voices for change.

A National Merit Scholar, Arndrea studied psychology at Emory University in Atlanta. Soon after graduation, she joined the Center for Democratic Renewal, an organization founded and headed by Dr. C.T. Vivian, a lieutenant of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During her tenure, Arndrea organized the first National Conference on Hate Crimes and Hate Violence with over 100 national partners.

She played a key role in mobilizing the Georgia Hate Crimes Act and prepared major reports and publications, including the landmark “When Hate Comes to Town: Faith Based Edition.” Arndrea also helped organize marches and rallies that led to the building of a major multiracial collaboration known as the Southern Coalition Against Racism and Bigotry.

In 2006, Arndrea married Martin Luther King III. As the “First Lady” of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and The King Center, Arndrea has championed several nonviolence and social change initiatives, designing programs to advance understanding and activism. She is a strong supporter of youth activism and believes in helping young people take a peaceful, effective stand for the world issues that concern them most.

Arndrea was instrumental in the partnership with JP Morgan Chase to restore, preserve, and digitize the archives of the King Center. Her support for the Atlanta community includes serving as a board member on the Historic District Development Committee and the Atlanta International School.

Currently, as president of the Drum Major Institute, Arndrea plays a critical role in creating strategic partnerships and managing the daily operations of this active social justice organization. A nonprofit founded over 60 years ago, the Drum Major Institute has provided Arndrea a platform from which to contribute to the Kingian legacy and encourage individuals to embrace their unique contribution to peace, justice, and equity for all.

Arndrea and Martin are the proud parents of Yolanda Renee King, who at age 13, has already become an activist in her own right. A sought-after speaker and media guest, Arndrea has appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Politics Nation, Good Morning America, Good Morning Australia, NBC Nightly News, and She has spoken at the March for Our Lives as well as the Women’s March on Washington and is honored for the opportunity to work alongside her husband and daughter to perpetuate the Kingian philosophy of social action for nonviolent change.

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